Thinking About Getting Boosted in VALORANT for Patch 6.11

VALORANT is one of the top Competitive Games of the Year 2021 – 2023 and it is the only beginning. The game is certainly getting bigger and it is developing more opportunities for the players to go full competitive mode and compete with other teams around the world. This free-to-play FPS tactical hero game has a lot of potential in the competitive scene and the players are trying hard to push their limits to reach the higher ELO Ranks. But higher ELO can be difficult for the new players and they can easily be smacked down by the high ELO players. When this happens, you can choose to either practice hard or you can choose boosting to push your rank to your desire.

Valorant Boosting in New Patch

As the new patch is out, many of the players are talking about the boosting service and what effect it will have on the ranks. In the new patch, there are a lot of changes on the agents, maps, and abilities. These changes will have an effect on the boosting of this game. However, many of the players are using Valorant Boosting to push their rank because they believe its the right time to push their rank to their desire as its the start of the new patch, many players will be learning about a lot of changes whereas the professional boosters will do whatever it takes to push the rank as they have previous experience in competitive gaming of Valorant.

The Boosting scene has been going on for a while and RIOT Games are continuously upgrading their Anti-Cheat (Vanguard) to take notice of the Cheaters and the Boosters. Since it is hard to catch the boosters, the boosting is still safe until the account sharing is only kept to 1 other person. If an account is among 3 – 5 persons, the account can get locked for a long time or even permanent suspension of the account.

The Patch 6.11 of VALORANT is live now and it has a number of tweaks for the Agents, Guns, Changes in Pearl Map, Boosting, and Return of the Night Market. All the changes that have been made to the Guns are the major downs for the boosters because all of the Major Guns that are mostly used by boosters have been nerfed as well as their recoil in the Run-and-Gun scenario has been increased.

In this guide, we’ll be going through all of the 6.11 Patch Notes of VALORANT and will tell you about how it can affect the boosting.

VALORANT 6.11 Patch Notes – Agents’ Changes

VALORANT 6.11 Update mainly focuses on the changes in the Agents and the Guns. The Agent that has been nerfed in the latest update is Viper and the Agent that has been buffed in the latest update is Chamber. Let’s talk about the Chamber first. Since the release of the 5.12 Patch of VALORANT, Chamber has been absolutely neglected in all the scenarios. His pick rate was the lowest of all of the other agents in the game which actually gives a negative impact on the game. Because there were many Chamber Mains and a lot of Pro Players use Chamber in VCT Official Matches.


All of the Chamber abilities were nerfed down which almost took away the role of Sentinel from him. Because the room of playability with the Chamber was too low and the relocation of the Chamber has been very difficult. But with the new 6.11 Update, Chamber is somewhere back to his original form where his Trademark (C) can be a lot more effective, and his Tour De Force (X) can actually take down more than 1 enemy. All of the changes to Chamber Agent are the following.

Rendezvous (E)

  • Reduced weapon equip time after post-teleport lockout 0.7s >>> 0s

Trademark (C)

  • Disable range increased 4000 >>> 5000
  • Trap arm speed reduced 4s >>> 2s

Tour De Force (X)

  • The firing rate increased by 15%


The Viper nerf is not really a nerf as they only nerf down her Wall’s Regeneration Process. All of her abilities stay the same but the regeneration of Wall has been slowed down in the latest update which can be effective for the Attackers. Attackers would be able to easily bait the Viper’s Wall and then push into the site once her Wall goes down. As it will take more time to recharge the fuel for the Wall, the duelists of the Attackers can easily push into the site to clear out the defending angles of the site. This change can affect the pick rate of Viper in some cases but as her other abilities stay strong so, it is not that big of a deal. All the Regeneration Processes of Viper’s Wall nerfs are the following.

Fuel Regeneration

  • Reduced regeneration per second 5% >>> 3.3%
  • Regenerate to max fuel once empty 20s >>> 30s


Another agent change that has been done is Breach and it is actually on his Ultimate. There is no nerf or buff on his ultimate but the animation of his Ultimate has been improved, allowing players to see more clearly which area where they can get Dazed.

All of the other Miscellaneous changes to Agents are the following.

  • When hit by Concussing abilities, Yoru’s Fakeout (C) can now be visually affected.
  • The timing of Omen’s From the Shadows (X) voiceover line will come in quicker to increase your discernibility.
  • Sova’s cape dynamics were redone and smoothed out.

VALORANT Patch Notes – Weapons Changes

The Weapons Changes have the biggest impact on the playstyle of many high ELO players. The abuse of Run-and-Gun and hip firing on Ropes made a lot of people angry at various times. However, RIOT has decided now to lower it further down to make things more difficult for plays like this so all players can focus on the PRECISE GUNPLAY of VALORANT. The weapons accuracy changes on Ropes are the following.

  • Ascender min spread on ropes increased to 65% of the walking spread
  • Rifles from .8 >>> 1.3
  • Classic from .35 >>> .55
  • Frenzy from .35 >>> .52
  • Ghost from .35 >>> .6
  • Sheriff from .35 >>> .78
  • SMGs from .3 >>> .65
  • Snipers & Shotguns unchanged
  • Walking and running spread on ropes increased to match the walking and running spread on ground.


The Shorty has been a fan favorite of the players who like to run down duelists with Shorty. But the Shorty has now been nerfed down and it will not be able to take down a player with full HP in 2 shots. The nerfs of the Shorty Weapon are the following.

  • Reserve ammo adjusted from 10 >>> 6
  • Price adjusted from 150 >>> 300
  • Damage at no fall-off adjusted from 12 >>> 11
  • Damage at first step fall-off (7 meters) adjusted from 8 >>> 6


The Frenzy is also a fan-favorite gun as it is a very viable weapon for even taking long-range fights. The bullet spread of Frenzy is controllable and it is what makes this gun most deadly in terms of a Pistol. However, the changes in Frenzy will also make it tougher to take long-range fights. The nerfs of Frenzy Weapon are the following.

  • Min spread increased from .45 >>> .65
  • Spread curve adjusted
  • Maximum spread reached in 5 bullets instead of 6
  • Recoil pitch curve adjusted
  • Maximum recoil will be reached in 5 bullets instead of 6. Total recoil is lowered to compensate.


In order to lower the Run-and-Gun scenarios in the matches, the following changes are made.

  • Phantom: 1.5 >>> 1.8
  • Spectre: 1.5 >>> 1.8
  • Vandal: 1.5 >>> 1.8
  • Frenzy: 1.25 >>> 1.5


Phantom and Vandal are no doubt the most bought guns in a match. Both of the guns are best on their own but the Ammo Reserve change for these guns was made due to a lot of spamming through the smoke and weak walls. As there were 3 Magazines in total, the players used 1 or 2 whole magazines to spam through the smoke or walls to kill the enemies. In order to lower it down, devs have lowered the magazines to 2 so players could use the ammo more wisely.

  • Phantom Reserve ammo adjusted from 90 >>> 60
  • Vandal Reserve ammo adjusted from 75 >>> 50


The Pearl Map’s B Site has received some changes in favor of Defenders. The B Site was fairly hard to hold for Defenders mostly in the Post-Plant scenarios. So, the changes in the latest patch balanced out things so that Defenders can hold down the site with more ease while attackers push the site. The following changes have been made to Pearl B Site.

  • Adjusted the B Ramp Screen and removed the attacker cubby
  • Adjusted B Site Screen
  • Added a new cubby in B Hall
  • Widened the pillar on B Site

These were all the changes in the 6.11 Patch of VALORANT and if you are finding these changes difficult then you can surely reach out for a booster to boost your rank without taking any more Ls.